Advanced door-opening
Category door open holding set-time.
Emergency self rescue time-out protection
Fire alarm rescue function
Floor height data automatic correction
Anti-nuisance function
Anti-slip protection
UP/DOWN over speed protection
Output contractor monitoring
Encoder fault protection

a simple and cost effective integrated solution for elevators speed up to 1.5 m/s simplex and duplex applications with closed loop geared and gearless PM machines 16 floors full collective using low cost conventional parallel wiring.

Smooth Ride

"Direct to floor" technology, waiting time optimizes.
4-Independent S-ramps.
default factory setting makes user friendly, gets started quickly.
anti-rollback without any external load cell(gearless machine).
pre-torque function (analog signal from load cellfor geared machine).

Features Highlight

standard 8 floors full collective, expansion option to 16 floors (conventional parallel wiring).
maximum speed 1.5m/sec.
duplex onboard group control (CANbus serial communication).
double digits 7-segment display (parallel connection).
selectable door control mode (manual, semi-auto, auto).
selectable fireman operation.
synchronous (PM gearless machine) or asynchronous (geared machine).
single-phase 220V UPS rescue mode opration ready with automatic light load search.
comprehensive trip diagnostics.
output frequency 0.0~100.0Hz.
high ambient temperature.
static auto-tuning for asynchronous and synchronous machine(without brake opening).